4 Ever Young

1. Introduce yourselves to our Sassy fans.

Hey there, Sassy folks!  We are 4 Ever Young, Dallas's premier doo-wop group.

2. Who formed the band?

4 Ever Young is the brainchild of Bruce Smith, a veteran of 50's doo-wop groups the Deacons and the Montclairs.  In 1997, Bruce set out to assemble an a cappella group to help keep alive the music he
used to sing on the streets of Brooklyn, New York.  Six years and thousands of listeners later, all four original members of the group are still going strong.

3. How do you describe your sound? 

Our music is almost exclusively 50's and 60's rock'n'roll performed a cappella, which is great for anyone who likes close harmony.  Like most doo-wop music, our songs feature a driving, rhythmic bass line, and a pleasing, often familiar, melody.  Feel-good music at its finest!

4. Who are your influences?

Our music is influenced by original doo-wop groups such as the Coasters, Marcels, and the Five Satins, also the Beach Boys, and the voices in our heads.  :-)  Not to mention each other.  We always try to add something original to the classic songs we perform, while keeping true to the popular version.

5. What kind of gigs will you do?

We regularly perform at conventions, parties, corporate events, and restaurants, as well as concert venues.  At least once a month, we make the time to donate a performance to a local nursing home or in support of our favorite charity, the American Cancer Society.

6. What has been your best experience? (performing)

One of our favorite performances would have to be a Valentine's Day concert for the employees of Southwest Airlines.  It was great to see everyone swaying, cheering, and dancing in the aisles -- including the CEO!  We even had him join us onstage in a special version of "Charlie Brown."

7. Do you have any songs recorded?  How/where can we purchase your albums? 

Our first (and so far our only) CD is called, surprisingly, "4 Ever Young."  It includes plenty of rock'n'roll classics plus our own doo-wop versions of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Rod Stewart's "Forever Young."  The CD is available on our website and from Mainely A Cappella and Primarily A Cappella.  We don't normally like to toot our own horn (especially being an a cappella group), but since your readers are such a sassy bunch, we'll mention that Primarily A Cappella described the CD as "smooth as silk, professional, authentic and spot on key -- one of the best Doo-Wop CDs we've heard this year!"

8. What is your site address?

The address of our award-winning website is www.4ey.com.  It includes bios, photos and press, song samples, and just about anything you might want to know about 4 Ever Young!

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